Why High impact communication?

In recent years many organizations have adopted flatter organizational structures, minimizing the role of hierarchies and instead offering participation in decisions and more self-determination.

In this environment, managers and non-managers alike must demonstrate some kind of leadership in order for to ensure the free flow of information, recognize biases in decision-making, and commit themselves to continuous learning.

High Impact Communication is a collection of all-round leader behaviors needed to thrive in today’s dynamic interactions with clients, colleagues and superiors, building trust and credibility.

The High Impact Communication training seminar shows your employees how to embody and project managerial effectiveness, leadership and creativity in their work environment, and use communication to create new organizational opportunities.

This course has taught me to communicate above my pay grade.”

VP Banking

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What is it like to participate?

Your organisation relies more than ever on effective human interaction to create singular value for its customers. Our framework is easy to integrate and disseminate horizontally and vertically throughout your organisation. Discover how High Impact Communication can support the continuous development of your workforce and improve your organization’s results.

The vital fabric of all human organisations, their propelling force and most noticeable distinctive feature, is the interaction that takes place between the people who share in it.

When you develop your people’s ability to engage and lead one another in ways that further trust and confidence, you will always enhance your organisation’s competitive clout and boost results.


Instructor-led training

Book one of our intensive, one or two day training programs for up to 15 participants. We do not waste precious time with desultory “group work”. Engage in under-the-skin exercises, one-on-one with the instructor as sparring partner, and receive personal feedback throughout.

Process Consulting

Continuously improve the physical meetings between your clients and your field crew or sales force. When your people model and test the way in which events in time should be arranged to follow one another, they are more available to listen for client needs and respond to them, delivering an awesome customer experience.

Individual Coaching

Identify the impulses that stir you as you respond to the various demands arising from the specific context of your mission. Perhaps you feel the need to adapt, but you may find it difficult to see how. Decide where to use your personal strengths to the best effect, and set up routines to offset your own stumbling blocks.

Instructional Design

Our trainings are structured according to learning objectives with the purpose of developing knowledge, skills and attitudes at the same time. Within this cadre, we are eager to create with you whatever adjustments are necessary to make High Impact Communication immediately applicable to the actual situations that your people deal with on a daily basis.

Show your colours

Meet Max BRENNER, the managing associate of Stepwise Aero. Max was a manager in the services industry in the USA and in Switzerland. He joined Krauthammer International in 2004 and remains a partner consultant to this day. In 2010, he founded Stepwise Aero to elaborate the High Impact Communication framework and to develop his activities as flight instructor. Max is fluent in English, French, German and Swiss-German.

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